Beak and Nail Trims For Birds

Bird having it's nails filed Our team here at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Care is happy to provide beak and nail trims for birds in our veterinary office. If you have a pet bird, you should know that regular beak and nail trims are essential for the overall health and wellness of your feathered friend.

Why Beak and Nail Trims For Birds?

Beak and nail trims for birds is an essential part of bird care. Pet birds of all kinds do not get the same kind of exposure to the outdoors as wild birds. In the wild, birds’ beaks and nails are naturally kept in check as birds peck, scrabble, and claw. These activities ensure that beaks and nails don’t overgrow. In a pet environment, birds have much less of an inclination and opportunity to engage in activities that would naturally pumice beaks and claws. Therefore, it’s up to you to have beak and nail trims done at your veterinary office in San Diego.

Another major reason for beak and nail trims for birds has to do with health. Overgrown beaks and claws inhibit the ability of birds to do simple, yet essential things like eating and perching. Overgrown claws can make it hard or impossible to perch on dowels or branches. The alternative is to stand on the bottom of the cage, where the bird will be sitting in its own droppings. As a loving bird owner, you know how important cleanliness is to the health of your bird. Exposure to damp bird droppings quickly leads to illness and possibly fatal consequences.

Overgrown beaks inhibit your pet bird’s ability to eat as well. Your bird can’t tell you when they’re having difficulty grasping the foods you provide. Symptoms may not become evident until your bird becomes malnourished and starts dropping feathers and losing weight. This is another important reason why you need to get regular beak and nail trims for birds here at our veterinary office.

Are Beak and Nail Trims Painful?

Your pet bird won’t feel any pain during beak and nail trims done by our team. Dr. Anderson takes special care to ensure that your pet bird is as comfortable as possible. We have special tools that help ensure that the job is done quickly, but done right. We recommend that you always rely on your veterinary team to do beak and nail trims, and not try to do this at home. Beak and nail trims should always be done at a veterinary office. Contact us at 800-462-8749 to book your appointment.


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